Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oil Spill

Checking my vegetable garden in early morning is my usual task during the summer time. This morning I followed my routine. It was a less humid and cloudy day. The wind was gently blowing from the South. Then I noticed the subtle gasoline stink. Yes, the smell was the oil from the Gulf. We live in Baton Rouge, which is 80 miles away from the sea. It is unbelievable but sadly our life is affected by the oil spill.

The small particles of oil must be everywhere around the Gulf. We breathe the contaminated air and no one knows the long-term result of it. It is scaring.


  1. So bad and so sad.
    And Hurricane Alex is coming....
    Let us hope it won't give us any more damage than we already have.

  2. oh God!what's wrong with the world? if possible maybe you and your family move out to another place that is safe and whre you can breath fresh air. Yes you are totally right, it's very dangerous to your health. It freaks me out

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  4. Mytilene,

    Fortunately, the oil seems stopped. But this year’s hurricane season is just started. I do hope things will be fine for the people who live around the coast.


    Thank you for concern about my family and me.
    Yes, this really freaks me out, too.
    But think about the people who live 1 mile away from the sea. Or imagine about fisherman who have to be in the sea. They have to face the oil every day not only the days when wind blows from the sea.
    Now the oil is stopped. But their pain is still there.


    Thank you for your positive feedback!