Sunday, March 21, 2010

Gumbo Soup

It is already the middle of March. But it is still cold in Louisiana. It was 41 degrees F when I woke up this morning!!!
I need hot soup. So I decided to make this gumbo soup, which is one of the traditional Louisiana dishes. I was told that guineas fowl are the best to make gumbo soup. They are not familiar birds in regular super markets and I only found it in the local farmers market. It was quite expensive comparing to chickens. However, the soup became more flavorsome and thick.

After eating this soup, I checked the temperature. It is still 43 degrees F. Yet, thanks to this delicious soup, I feel much warmer.


  1. Ummmmm Yummy,

    I miss Gumbo! I often make seafood gumbo here because my husband requests. However it never be same as gumbo we eat in Louisiana. It so hard to find shrimps with heads and not frozen. Watarigani, small blue crabs are OK.

    I miss to go fish-market there where I can purchase 2 pounds of fresh shrimps for same price for 15 headless tasteless frozen shrimps in Tokyo.

  2. Yes, the shrimps from the Gulf are the best! They are always big, fresh and tasty!
    I have not had shrimps for a few weeks. Perhaps, it is time to get some delicious Gulf shrimps!

  3. I am love in it. That seems to be great and yummy. I am gonna try this today. Thanks Sheff..