Sunday, May 2, 2010

Shrimps from the Gulf of Mexico

I am very upset about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. It has been leaking for several days and it is already the 2nd worst oil spill in the history. If this situation continues more than 50 days, it will be the worst oil spill. So far no one can predict when this ends. I feel extremely sad and afraid of environmental and economic damages from this horrible disaster.

As I always mention on this blog, I admire delicious shrimps, crabs and oysters from the Gulf. Some expert says once oil pollutes the sea, it will take 20 years or more to clean up. I feel desperate that I may not be able to enjoy shrimps, crabs and oysters from the Gulf in 20 years or more!

Yesterday I went to buy a few pounds of the Gulf shrimps. I grilled, boiled, and baked them. They were so big and delicious. While I became satisfied, my anger against this devastation escalated. I do hope we will continue to enjoy beautiful shrimps and oysters from the Gulf of Mexico…


  1. I know! It so awful! my husband I are really upset too.

    Japanese media are not keen to report about this disaster.

    They are making so much coverage about a
    ban on exporting Mediterranean Tuna. and the Gulf is too far from their interest.

    However, it will be everybody's problem because all oceans are connected, and sooner or later will effect to us human as well.   

    Hope it stop soon!

  2. You make me very hungry looking at this photo. I recently got some very large shrimps as a gift from LA but did not have a good recipe. What spices do you use? Would love to have a good gumbo
    Yes, very unfortunate about the oil spill.

  3. Your post is so yummy! A feast in the eyes! So very appetizing! Keep posting!